Summer at the Studio

Ah, summer! Here in Minnesota, we would be remiss if we didn't take advantage of the short lived beautiful weather. That's why summertime at the studio is varied, flexible and relaxed while the "normal" lesson format is discouraged.

Group reed making: a great way to save money and have fun while concentrating your reed making efforts in 6 classes scheduled at your convenience throughout the summer.

Chamber music sessions: summer is a great time to focus on playing great repertoire just for oboes and English horn. We will synchronize our schedules for 6 coaching sessions and a final mini-concert at the end of the summer!

Special help: summer can also be a great time to get a jump on audition and competition preparations, help switching from another instrument to the oboe, or just time to focus on a particular weakness without the constant distraction of school work. I am comfortable working around most vacation schedules and on weather perfect days, the famous "lesson on the porch" experience is known to occur from time to time.